Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not really a post...

I just left my purse in the car and it has my to do lists in it.
1. Finish Lilly's quilt:
-snip all edges
-fix hole where cut through seems
-wash and dry to rag
-take pictures of it
-wrap it and put under tree

2. Make Daddy, Mommy and Lilly Stockings
-cut stocking shape
-sew cuffs on
-iron on polka dots
-iron on names
-embroidery stitch around polka dots and names
-sew on hanging loop
-take pictures
-hang for Lilly's first Christmas

3. Alexandra's Quilt
-everything from start to finish!!(yikes)

4. Christmas Cards
-address them all
-mail them all

5. Special Baby's First Christmas ornaments for family

6. Morgan's Christmas present
-buy backing
-put together

7. Finish Christmas Shopping
-Clayton's Chinese Christmas
-Baby David

8. If all else are completed on time and under budget then I get to make Baby Luke a car seat cover!

Boy I am busier on paper than I feel....that might be a bad thing

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