Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Would you believe that I have been so busy crafting that I have had a hard time finding time to blog? I am in that nesting stage before Baby Lilah comes so all I want to do is get stuff ready her to come...not the boring stuff like cleaning but the fun stuff like making a new shower curtain and building shelves and nightstands. I want to post pictures of all the stuff I have finished but I also want to make that its own post. So you'll just have to wait. Sorry.

2. I became an Aunt again today! My older brother Michael and his wife Luana had their second son today at around 7:15 am. Nathaniel David had an exciting last few weeks in utero but came into this world healthy and happy. He was 7lbs 4 oz and 19.5 in. Mommy is doing well too! I am very sad that we wont be able to visit for a while at least until 6 weeks after our baby comes so at the earliest Christmas! Lilly sure loves her cousins, even if all three of them are BOYS!

3. I start back to work Monday. Its only 15 hours a week but I am still apprehensive about leaving Lilly for a scheduled amount of time everyday. The extra income is worth it because it is just enough to keep us out of stressing over money. This also means the school year is starting and I will be writing a curriculum for Lilly to start. Nothing to strenuous but enough to be structured and educational play. We hope to be able to put her in mother's day out in January so this will be a good jump start. I just need to order the stuff I want and get it all together in one place so we can be organized.

Sorry no pics this time. Blogger is no being nice.

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