Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Back!

No unfortunately I don't look like that and probably wont because I am not cute pregnant. I don't even have any pictures of me where you can tell I am pregnant not just fat from when I was waiting on Lilly. I kinda just look fatter than normal.

So it has been 2 months (about) since my distress signal and I thought it was about time to make my come back. I am not sick anymore just tired. Like all moms and pregnant people; we are all tired all the time.

Well today is my check-up in just a couple hours and I should be 19 weeks today BUT when i went in for my sonogram at 11 weeks 1 day my Dr said I was only measuring 8 weeks 5 days so she moved my due date from October 20th to Nov 6th. I, however, have not jumped ship on my original date. I am going with Oct 20th and 19 weeks until my next sonogram where I will wither be proved right or wrong. If that is the case and I am still measuring small I will admit defeat and recalculate how far a long I am. So I guess today's appointment is (in Dr's mind) my 16 week appt because I would be 16 weeks 5 days. The only reason its a big deal is I should be finding out the sex today but I wont until the end of June now! man.

My older brother and his wife have given me a sweet nephew Niko. He is 10 weeks younger than Lilly. Luana, the sister in law, is about 7-10 weeks ahead of me this time and they are going to be having another sweet boy to be named Nathaniel. I will call him Nate because that is such a dreamy name.

Next month when I find out if it is a boy or a girl guess what! I am keeping it a secret! All to myself! Not Clayton, not my mom, not my friends, no one will know well at least at first. I am still trying hard to decide how to tell everyone but I know for a little while I will know and no one else will. Clayton had that privilege last time and this time I get it.

I am working on building up a few posts so I can get back to normal around here. See ya soon.

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