Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laziness has overtaken me

At first I thought the reason I haven't posted in almost a month is because of laziness and then I remembered why I haven't.

The first three weeks after my last post were busy busy at work. Then work was over and it is now summer break. I was so excited to think about all the time I would have off to shop and lay by the pool with my sweet baby. Then I remembered I AM UNEMPLOYED!

I am in job search mode like there is no tomorrow. In fact there might not be a tomorrow if I don't have a way to help support our sweet little family.

I have been looking but since I am a teacher by trade there are close to zero jobs out there right now. I am looking up to an hour in every direction. I have like 20 applications in but no results. I am really starting to sweat this. I just really need a couple of breaks and then I can do the rest.

Mainly though, I just have to put it in God's hands and I know that but I am struggling as you can tell.

One thing from this time off though, is we found a house! Right now we live in the equivalent of a pool house. It is wonderful to be able to stay here and save money but since we are only making what we need to live there is no saving going on. Plus later in this year our family has offered this same sweet deal to my brother and sister-in-law. They need this place for her and her son to live while brother is in Afghanistan.

I know it sounds silly to say we found a house and we have NO money in the same breath but we spoke to a lender friend of my Realtor Mother-in-law and she said we are in perfect shape once I have any form of employment. SO that is what we want.

Let's spend sometime on the house. It is perfect. We both love it. It is a 3 bed 2 bath completely renovated. It has a detached office but Clayton lovingly refers to it as his laboratory since he is a scientist. Then there is a small add-on room that is a ....CRAFT ROOM!!! I love it! No pics tonight I am tired so not going to even try.

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