Monday, June 28, 2010

Laying low

I have been laying low because I have been really busy and blogland just makes me busier not only do I spend hours looking and liking but then I spend time adding to my "to do list" and that makes even more things for me to do.

Right now I am only focused on getting a job to do my part for my family. It is hard because I am struggling right now. I want to stay home with Lilly. I see more and more everyday how much she needs me. I looked at a job today that if I got it would mean I would be home with Lilly during her waking time only 3 hours a day. I about threw up. That breaks my heart. Teaching seems to be less of a betrayal of my daughter and more of spreading the love and I would have more time with her too. It is so hard for teachers right now, at least in my area. I can only pray and give it all to God that the right thing will happen. My family needs me to work but I need to be home with my family.

The other part of my time is spent coming to terms with my daughter turning one in just a few days. It is hard as I am sure most of you know. I am trying to create a free and memorable party. I am trying not to cry. She is getting so big and she is getting so smart.

When she wants something she looks at it and says "here, here" with her hand out at the object. it soooo cute. She says "hi" and "dada" and "momma" perfectly. She plays well with Allee and Holly her cousins that are 3 and 5. She dances to anyhting resembeling music. She watches the shows on PBS and Nick Jr now. She sleeps in her bed and has for over 2 months. But among all this good she also...

bites. 2 weeks in a row she has bit at church. One time really bad and the next not so bad but now she is in isolation at church which goes against why we take her isntead of leaving her with my mom. We wanted her to get to play with other babies since she doesn't go to daycare. If it doesnt change soon then we might have to reevaluate. I love her so much!

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