Sunday, May 16, 2010

Over Half Way There

So even though I have not posted my "official" Summer 2010 Bucket List I wanted to let you know that I am over half way there on crossing off Top 100 Movies. I crossed off 2 movies today and that put me to a whopping 51 titles down 49 to go and I have at least 6 waiting on me in my DVR or in library rentals. This is really motivating on a lot of things. I know it is only movies as my husband says but I am excited to do this. I have 5 reviews waiting in the "to be written pile" and 1 movie that I am in the middle of and can't seem to finish (that tells you how good I think it is).

So look forward to:
The Best Years of Our Lives
The Searchers
Rebel Without a Cause
It Happened One Night
Dances With Wolves

coming soon....and also

Today was my little sis-in-laws birthday party...she turned 3! Her main gift was this extreme tree house that is about 100 sq feet. In it is her play kitchen so I made her a bunch of crochet food. It was all inside a reusable Wal-Mart sack so she could shop like Mommy. I made her ice cream sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tomato slices, lettuce, and cupcakes. I am going to make a lot more of this food for her and my daughter to play with in the kitchen. It is so much nicer than plastic food and I am so much better at it than felt food but maybe I will try that too!

I also started on a dress for Alexandra. Started...not finished so she will get it asap! It is gorgeous so far so I will take some pictures and see if yall like it!

Another Big change around the house is the hubs and I are starting P90x tonight and Lills in already down for the night so any minute now he will tell me its time! I am so nervous! We'll see how it goes. Maybe I will keep you daily updated.

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