Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I have been doing with my time

Ok so one of my new kicks for right now, well I have always loved it but just got back to doing it frequently, is reading.

I am using my local library and its connection to bigger libraries to get whatever I want, I just have to be patient.

A lot of what I am getting is patterns for crochet or sewing and stuff like that. Then there are the teacher books, and I am STILL looking for a job. Two of the books I have checked out this summer though are regular reads and I loved them.

The first was Kate Gosselin's new book.

I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family

I was an avid watcher of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I have many feelings on the topic but I really don't want to get into them here because its none of my business and that's my new mantra this year. Also Kate does a really good job of removing that drama from this book. There is no hate for Jon and its very faith filled. Mainly it is just excerpts from her journal and love letters to her children. It is very uplifting and also reminiscent of the show from the good old days. It also gives a behind the scenes look at things you saw in the show. I have loved her two other books and this one was no disappointment, but I would say you can't be a Kate hater and read it, you would just be too prejudice. You wouldn't believe how many mean comments I got just from having the book in my purse.

The next book I read was a short paperback thriller that 5 minutes for books had a review on. Well the review was actually on the second in the series. So I checked out the first one. Its called Bundle of Trouble (A Maternal Instincts Mystery) I loved it. It was the first thing I have read that actually described how I felt about being pregnant, having a baby and being a new mom. It was like Diana Orgain was me and I her. I would wake Clayton up at night to tell him how much this was exactly how I felt. It was a quick read and I am now onto the second one, Motherhood is Murder.

It is sitting on my nightstand just waiting on me to finish....

After I finish these I have a whole stack waiting on me...time to get reading while Lilly is napping!
Now for a cute pick of her!

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