Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

Ok I am little more happy with the blog now. I was so unhappy that I did not blog for a few days purely because I did not want to look at it. That is sad.

I am working on a bunch of this right now and like I said before May is extremely busy.

First we had our anniversary weekend and it was exactly what we needed. I loved every minute of it. First we checked into our hotel after dropping Lilly off and it was a nice nice room! It had a hot tub in the room right next to the bed that could have easily fit four adults, luckily we only needed it to fit 2! Then we went to dinner at Razzoos. I love it there and plus we wanted to have a few drinks and they are good as well. We went back to the hotel and crashed. Saturday we got up and went shopping. The area is new to us and so nice. Went to World Market, Joanns, a local toy store, and a few other places. We had lunch at kincaid's then back to hotel to rest and watch tv. We left a little early for our dinner reservations and stopped at Barnes and Nobel grabbed a few books and then off to the Melting Pot for some Fondue-goodness for our anniversary dinner. The booths are so sweet and you get to sit close together instead of across from one another. There was a sweet HAppy Anniversary card on the table. We did not skimp either we got the 4 course Big Night In dinner and it was amazing. Clayton's favorite part was the dessert and the 2 Long Island Ice Teas he had so I drove home to the Hotel. We tried to sleep late the next morning but by 8am we were up in excitement to see our sweet Lilly girl. It was the best feeling in the world when we walked in my parents to pick her up and she smiled, put her arms up and laughed. She also said Dada but I will ignore that...

Fast Forward to Mother's day weekend.

Friday night we went with a bunch of Clayton's family to see the Ranger's beat Kansas City. We took Lilly and she loved it. It was a place where she could people watch and be loud, her two favorite things! She fell asleep no lie during the final pitch of the game and slept through the 15 minutes of fireworks following the game. She went straight to her crib when we got home and slept through the night!

Saturday morning we got up and got Lilly ready to go see her manny and Pops. They were keeping her while we went downtown to play in a 42 tournament. It was put on by the Fort Worth Aggies Club and it was gonna be tough. 42 is an Aggie past time. Our only goal was not to get put out in the first round...and we didn't! We made it three rounds and almost 4. It was so much fun!I can't wait to play in another one.

Sunday was Mother's Day and Clayton and Lilly gave me breakfast in bed. It was a dr Pepper and package of Donuts! I love it! We went to church and then visited all the moms. It was a good day!

This week is high clean mode. My bestie from college is coming to stay with us this weekend and I want to feel at ease when she is here. This week also is the get-ready-for-the-carnival week. This weekend we have a school carnival and I have to make 770 of Bakerella's cake balls. Thats a bunch so I am starting tomorrow. Wish me Luck! We have a lot of plans with Amanda so I will post on how those go later.

Also this weekend is my almost 3 year old sisters birthday! I have gotten her a bunch of stuff but I am also making her a dress and some crochet food. I will make each a post.

I also have finished 4 more movies on my list and need to finish writing up their reviews.

Summer is getting near and I need to post the actual "Summer 2010 Bucket List" for Morgan and me so we can get started.

have a good time till the next,

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