Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Friday- Museum and Botanical Gardens

Since we have a membership to the Ft Worth Science and History Museum we try to go pretty often. A couple weekends ago we took Lilly to the children's part and then on to the Botanical Gardens.

In the stroller heading in....I don't think she knows she has the flower in her hair or it would already be gone.

First Daddy had to stop off in some horrible oil & drilling exhibit and this is Lilly laughing at Mommy whining to leave.

Daddy got his way and I let Lilly out to run around. She has found that she should smile at the camera. It cracks me up!

Hard hat zone!

Daddy seems right at home looking through the microscope. It seems to be me if you did it 40 hours a week you wouldn't want to do it on the weekends.

Lilly wants to be just like Daddy.

Big Tire!

On to the kids part. Here is Lilly in the Ambulance.

Weighing the babies!

Building a track for the cars.

Shopping is her favorite part but it gets a little dicey. This is always the most crowded area and the parents get involved if a kid like takes something from another student.

Lilly did not even notice the giant dino above her.

Eating our lunch at the gardens.

Wormy made an appearance.

When she kicked her ball she would fall it was so funny but sad too.

Overall we had a great time. It was mostly free and a great use of a great day after a lot of snowed in days.

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