Thursday, August 5, 2010

For Now

I had a post all loaded and ready to go a few days ago with like 15 or so pictures from Lilly's One year old photo shoot BUT blogger had different plans and I have no idea what happened to it. Someday I will get around to doing it again.

Also I have made a ton of crochet food for Lilly and I want to post all of that.

I made an Elmo beanie hat for possibly Lilly's Halloween costume but IDK if so then I will be abby and Clayton will be Oscar the Grouch. Lol.

I cut and I am now hand sewing a Halloween table runner.

Lastly but certainly not least on the crafting front I have finished my first quilt top. Way faster than I expected, though it is not hard. It is a crib/ toddler bed size for when Lilly transitions but I dont think that will be for a while. I have already started thinking about y next but since I wont give her this one till she needs a new type of bed what about the other ones maybe I will give her a dew for Christmas. I also have plans in the works for a dollie. That will look like her! I am thrilled.

Another important aspect of my life... the blasted job hunt. I have been busting my rump to get a teaching job this year. I started looking in the winter and have had no luck. Finally last night I got an email for a half-time position I applied for. The principal narrowed it down from the 140 that applied to 12 and we are supposed to email an essay of sorts to her and she and the teacher will narrow it down to say 3 for the interview process. Let's just say I have to get an interview and then I have to get this position. We need a house and we can't get one till I have an income.

Please Lord give me the words to say and the knowledge to give. Amen.

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