Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hi I am Kristen, you may not remember me...

It has been so long. Too long by anyone's count. It has not been due to loss of interest or to laziness but many unforeseen events.

First we all got sick! Everyone. Even grandparents and aunts and uncles, even poor little baby Luke. He had RSV and so we had to watch Lilly closely.

As soon as we all got better we lost our internet for 3 weeks. 3 weeks! Blogging on my phone is hard and I can't do it at work cause the school blocks them so I just didn't. Here in Texas we had a couple late snows. One of those somehow fried our router that sits outside our house...well it is a long story that I don't all the way understand myself so finally two weeks ago we got internet.

Then it was Spring Break and my brother and Sister-In-Law from El Paso came and brought sweet Niko to meet us. It was a blast and I will post more on that smiley baby later.

As soon as Michael, Luana and Niko left it was time to switch into gear for Hillary, my other SIL to move away. It was painful having my best friend move away and trying to get in a lot of face time with Lukey. She left Monday for NC.

Tuesday I left work early with a high fever. I went home and slept immediately. From then on I have been really sick. Still am, actually. I am on a bunch of meds and had chest x-rays yesterday so we will see what the next week brings but I hope to be back here regularly.

I was having withdrawals.


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