Thursday, February 4, 2010

Words to Live By

I read somewhere on some blog (I am sorry I don't remember who) that you should have a word to define what you want out of the coming year. Though it is not January 1st or even January anymore I finally figured out mine!

This year my word is create. I have just gotten really involved in crafting and hand-making. I want to make things all the time. I read tons of blogs everyday just to find new ideas. I check boos out from the library on everything from sewing to scrapbooking and everything in between.
Also this year I hope to create a new life! Clayton and I want to have another baby next summer so that would involve the pregnancy starting this September/October. I am so excited and cannot wait!

My secondary word is important too!

I want to Nurture my young marriage it isn"t even two yet and already needs some TLC. It is wonderful I just need to make an effort more and show him I care. The little things, you now.
I also want to nurture my beautiful Lilly. She is growing and learning wonderfully but I finrmly believe our actions as a family as early as now effect her later so I need to nurture her and do everything in my power to lead her down the right path.
Lastly on Nurture I need to nurture my career because right now I I don't have one. I have my teacher's certificate and a M.Ed. I need to channel this and my love for children in a good school where I can stay put a while.

Both these words need to be my life in 2010 and I am committed to them. After thining about this I am so excited for the year. I cannot wait to live it!

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